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Contact sheets

It was time to do some contact sheets,most for it so boring to scan one negativ at the time. Prescanning and scan is really tedious and time consuming! So for black and white i think i’am gonna stick to doing contact sheets. A whole roll

A life story!

A camera can open up for coversations, if you keep an open mind and friendly attitude everything can happend. I was trying to get a compotision with the colorful unicorn below, then i saw this dude in the corner of my eye. He showed intrest


Yeah you gott’a own one, if you into photography or streetphotography it’s like a holy grail. Since i said bye bye to digital cameras and sold them off. I felt like it was time to own a Leica M camera. Yeah it was a little

Darkroom printing continuous!

I’am not aiming on becoming some kind’a wizard in the darkroom. It feels really stoopied to call a corner in the bedroom for a darkroom, anyway it works for now and i’am making prints. It’s such a relif to be fiddling around in the dark,

Soon time for B&W agian!

Got a thirty meter roll of Fomapan that’s waiting to be bulkloaded. After this great summer, the autumn are beginning to show it’s face. Here in the north of Europe winter time are equal to darkness at the afternoon and gloomy boring skies, so black

First darkroom prints!!

  I have tested the analog printing process before. That time it became like failure,ending up with giving enlarger to a local drift store. This time i found a better enlarger and didn’t stress or force the process. A little more prepared to begin with!!

Summer over and out!

Looking through the final scans from this summer, and boy what a long tropical summer we had here in the northen Europe! Started the spring with Kodak Vision3 T500. After i was done with the thirty meters of bulk loading, it’s been Fuji Superia for


Yeah it’s up and running. Papers and developer arrived today, so now it’s soon time to try it out. Gonn’a do a seriuos clean up and get rid of the dust thats been collecting on the enlarger. Aint it a beauty!!

Into Darkness

Yeah it’s time, as usual getting inspired by other people and their doings in the photographic world! I could not resist this itching in my mind! Iv’e done it before, so i got some kind of really basic knowledge. That time i rushed and stressed

This is a Nikon!!

How has the new Nikon mirrorless camera inspired me? -Not at all,to be totally honest!!