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The most boring!

I saw an Fuji x commercial this moring,about some new eighty millimeter macro lens.It was all about food photography and being in some kind’a wierd la-la land.To be totalty honest,never seen the point of making a plate of food in to something artsy-fartsy!Smearing gravy with a

How do you feel today?

For myself , me and my innerself.Just wanting the nightshift to pass as qiuck as possible.As sad as it is,the money has to come rolling in to the bank account.In a steady little stable flow.Wonder what colour the flow has,does it shimmer in gold or

Old Sweden!

Dwelling on the past,more and more.Maybe its beacuse im in the middle ages myself!Of course i know how much the times have changed.But it gives me a sour stench in the mouth.If you are an happy little mother fucker,you will say things like -“always look

Monday blues

Monday working day blues,yeah today was such a day.You could really feel what the end of summer was here!No kidding around, autumn is really here.And like a bad company tagging a long,the mighty northen darkness is just around the corner. Damn!On the bright side the,

Project Partille.

Little pieces from here and there,started to take form last summer.More like an idea.But as time got by, i begin to think of it like an project.It will not be the obvious kind of pictures of my home community.More like a dreamy and emotinal point


Can you call it the fine art of -editing? I will for sure. Of course taking the photo is still the main subject here! But then you get the hang of controls and settings on your camera,whats the next step? -Editing! This is one of

Riding along

The old “Feskekörka” in Gothenburgh. In this days just an exclusive fishmarket.In the haydays of 70-80s ,this was the hooker-street in our little westcoast town of Sweden!Today its all gone and stuffed away,the surface is polished and another clientel is habiting the the old streets.

Genius move!

Got to say,my most genius and glorious movement up date.Has to be only working an 80% scheme. It wasnt forced upon us. It was an self made decision! And a fucking awesome one to! Saving some precisous life time,having more spare time with family and


Sommartider,summer times blues och allt det där.Wee-eights och bensindoft i luften.En härligt tid,men så kort att det gör ont.Redan nu skymtar hösten och mörkret bakom hörnet. Det gäller att inte tappa fokus,veta vad man vill.Skärpa sina sinnen.Först då kommer man helskinnad ur mörkret.Eller varför inte

Ny blogg.

Det är dags att ta upp bloggen igen.Jag har känt att jag saknar att skriva till mina bilder.Trött på de snabba medierna,här kan man ta sig lite mer tid innan man publicerar.En långsammare process,helt enkelt.Det blir en inkörningsperiod innan man bemästrar WordPress dock!