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Printing a little bigger!

Once in a while i make an A3+ print, most of the time i keep it simple with A4’s or smaller just to keep the printer in shape and not using to much ink. But once in a while, then i like one of my

Nikkor 24mm or can you get to close!

Can you get to close to your subject? To be honest i don’t know. But i think it’s get harder the wider you go. Extreme wideness like a fisheye is really tough to master on the street, i’ve done an post about using an fisheye

Through the eye of Yashica T3

Processed and scanned the first roll of Fuji superia, what i shot through the Yashica T3. To be totaly honest were are not such a big difference agianst my my Olympus af-1, the Yashica T3 may be a little sharper and dont give that kind’a

Kodak vision 3 report!

Since it’s analog everything gets a little delayed, due to the heavy grain i’ve done some rolls of kodak vision 3 setting the film speed att asa 200 insted of 400. Since i lost my 85b filter, i’ve gained a stop there too. I hope

Yashica T3

What can this slugish and block like piece of plastic achive? I have shot a couple of rolls through it, but haven’t had time to develop any film last week. I have been pretty happy with my olympus af-1, but i think this little machine

Scanning is tedious!

Stacks of negatives piles up,rolls of film waiting to be developt. It’s takes another kind of commitment to focus on analog photography. I’am not complaining at all, it’s just the way it is. It’s a lot more fun and more of a craft, than just

Thoughts on Kodak vision3 t500

Been developing a couple of rolls now,and came to the conclusion what i’ve been underexposing it. I have have nothing agianst grit and non perfect results,but at some exposures it became a little to much. I think at underexposure it changes a little in color

Kodak Vision3 T500 Scanned!

The first roll of this tungsten based Kodak film are developt and scanned. Iv’e used an 85b filter to use it in daylight, so the colors won’t be to crazy and off the charts! This is way to early for me to give an rewiew

First shot at color developing!!

I have been patience since i bought that thirty meter roll of Kodak vision t500, last December. The really dark and gloomy winter that we had up here in the north,didn’t feel like color.So i have been sticking to the old grey scale. As the

Scratching the surface

My home community project continuous on. As usual repating and visiting places over and over agian gives result in the end. The community are undergoing a lot of changes,as usual it follow the same patterns like everywere else. Malls with the same and boring shops