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Contact sheets

Since it’s the mid of summer and light outside until night time. It’s no idea for me to do any darkroom work. I need contact sheets, badly! Due to shooting a lot of color film, and it’s so tedious to scan through every frame. Sitting

Fuji superia 200, works fine!

The Fuji superia 200 is cheap, and works very good. With flash the 200 iso rating is just a plus. Color wize it’s a little on the cold side, with blue and green color tints. On the other hand it reproduces skin color very good,

Todays setup, the Bessa L

Really hot in the city today, not much action either. A little slow, i guess people rather hang on the beach. But i had to put some rolls through the Bessa L and 21mm voigtländer lens, getting to learn the camera and lens setup. I

Street machine!

Everyone is a photographer, no not if you gonna steer this little machine on the street! But if you used to zone focus and knowing about f-stops and shutter speeds, then this is like a little racer! A no nonsense street camera! A little plastic

The supervisor and up in your face!

First i saw the fat smaragd ring on his chunky finger, then i saw the scene before me! he’s closely watching over the girl playing with the pigeons. Yeah it felt like strange scene, but i guess he’s just looking out for his kid in


The more i dwell and explore in my home community, the word and feeling i get in my head is just melancholia! Nice to finally have a name for this long project at least, even if it’s not the most cheerful and happy name. But i

Alone in the streets!

I was on a street fair here in Gothenburg last Saturday. God damn so many photographers in one spot and on the same time, today Monday (off work) i took my three hour session in the city as i do regurlary. Did i see one

Two years ago!

Today it’s the sixth of June, our national day here in sweden, two years ago i was off work this day! That was a nice feeling! Last year and this year i get to celebrate by working -dooh!! Today is really special i got the