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Gothenburg Gothic!

It’s stil winter in the northen hemisphere, not even the crows seems to like this gloomy and cold weather! Only to be replaced by rain and then more rain. Like a dystopia that have come true! The mannequins don’t care about weather and moods, strange

From head to head!

Trying to take these photos were you can draw a line from head to head, and getting that nice flow in the your photo, aint so easy on the street! You gott’a move in close and be quick as a cobra to get a nice

Vader’s revenge!

I haven’t botherd setting up my flatbed scanner, i dont know were’s the Silverfast software is laying either. I just take a snap with my Samsung S9 and shares it to dropbox. I can change the white balance direct in the phone app, much easier!

Reshooting exposed film!

Like a happy fool, i put a roll of already exposed film in my Yashica T3 agian!! You gott’a have dicipline then shooting film. Whats for sure! I got a little suprised then i looked at the developt negatives. But in the end i really

Olympus Mju III or mini-me!

Yeah i know it’s not the top-notch Mju II model, with the 2.8 thirtyfive lens. But i got this from my camera-pimp, and really cheap to! So what a heck one camera more or less –dooh! The big pro of this little machine is it’s

A tough negative!

Last time wasn’t so easy. A really dark or thin negative as i took in late 2017, was on the agenda at my last darkroom session. The times became really fast, so going for five second intervals with filter “two” made everything above ten seconds

Self medicate

I think in 2019, i will try to be kinder agianst my self. Practice a lot of self medication, to be much more numb in my thinking and less alert to my environment. Don’t it sound like a splendid idea for the fresh year of

Bathroom reports!

I’am starting to get a steady flow of darkroom printing now. Then i am off work more than two days in a row, i try squeeze in session of printing. Since it’s a night, kinda vampire activity it’s nice to have the next day off!

Nikon f-601!

Yeah a new one agian! I got it from a close friend, whos been given a lot of old cameras lately. In a world of Leicas and mechanical old Nikons, this aint much to write home about! Plastic Nikons from the 90’s, dont upset or