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Bathroom reports!

I’am starting to get a steady flow of darkroom printing now. Then i am off work more than two days in a row, i try squeeze in session of printing. Since it’s a night, kinda vampire activity it’s nice to have the next day off!

Nikon f-601!

Yeah a new one agian! I got it from a close friend, whos been given a lot of old cameras lately. In a world of Leicas and mechanical old Nikons, this aint much to write home about! Plastic Nikons from the 90’s, dont upset or

From filters to punk!

Got an advice from a Instagram friend to use graduated filters then printing. I guess to get a more controlled way of getting the right amount of contrast. Since i’ve dont have a filter holder on my Leitz enlarger, i more or less haven’t tought

Christmas Frenzy!!

Just before the bells ringed in the new year, and santa was on the door step. Maybe i got a glimpse of that crazy, stressed out christmas frenzy!! In this nice old ladys face. Yeah i’am gonn’a do a darkroom print of this negative, a

The melancholy of Partille

Keeping up with my ever and forever going project of my home community Partille. If i don’t start doing some selective work on all my prints from this project i’am gonn’a loose my grasp. And thats a fact, for sure!        

You ain’t alone!

If your mind spins, or a deep,dark vortex want to suck you down in eternity. Dont despair, you dont walk alone in this mad and fucked up world! Better to embrace the darkness and madness and let it flow over you. – Come motherfucker come!!

As far as i come!

I’ve been doing a lot of darkroom prints of this photo. Since i was very close to the dog and had my flash even closer in the moment, the dogs head became a little burnt out. Since i’ve scanned this negative before i knew it


I’ve been using my Leica m4-p a lot lately, putting some action and rolls through it. I’am not used to rangefinders so it had to be done. Recently i stumbled across this beast of a camera, a very good friend of mine got some cameras

From dusk to more dusk!

From some kind’a light, don’t even know if it’s worth calling a daylight. Say about 1/8 to 1/15 of second, in the afternoon all you will get is a about 1 second exposures!! Of course it’s my typical way of making streetphoto’s, zonefocus with small