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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Man or machine!

I dont think i have enough skills in English,to do a post with such philosophical magnitude! Even in Swedish it would be a hard nut to crack. The photos have to answer the question this time.If they can,i don’t know and really don’t care -ha

Fear of the rules of composition!

Remember then i used big nikon dslr houses,and large ass lenses.Everything had to be taken with a tripod.The smallest shake was devastating,sharpness had to be perfect.The golden rule of thirds,was my mantra.Seems like a distant kind’a way of photography today! In that way street photo

Analog headache!

This analog stuff really gives me a headache.Yeah its rad and uber-cool,and the really right stuff.But its hard to have your nose in everything,scanners,medium format,35mm,flatbeds or dedicated.I think i must slim my “organisation”,so to speak. Leaving meduim format,and get a dedicated 35mm scanner!The canoscan 9000f

Sucker for Sunday!

Sunday a pretty slow day.But today its time to hit the streets again,the wave like flow has to be nurtured,to keep the juices of street photo flowing! An mantra to uphold. No more or less!        


I took this photo in 2010,it hangs on my bedroom door.Like a reminder of whats lurking inside all of us!The polished manners is just skin deep,the beast with in awaits to come foward showing its shiny fangs!Like a denim demon.  

Street preaching!

I have seen him many times,this preacher of the streets.Reading and chanting from his holy book,with force behind his voice!He and his devoted heard,same place and time in the crowded mall. Most peoples just dont care,no time to see or listen.Always in a hurry,looking in

Street portraits!

I have done a couple of street portraits,would lie to say it happends every time i’am out on the streets.But sometimes it’s does.Then i get the feeling or courage to do it! If you have some social issues or other fears around strangers,its a golden

Hitting the streets!

Weekend is here,night shift over and out for this time.Batteries charged and ready to go!Memory cards formatted. Just dont know if the energy levels in my body is high enough,to start walking the walk,hitting the same streets.But the day ain’t over yet,we’ll see!    

The most boring!

I saw an Fuji x commercial this moring,about some new eighty millimeter macro lens.It was all about food photography and being in some kind’a wierd la-la land.To be totalty honest,never seen the point of making a plate of food in to something artsy-fartsy!Smearing gravy with a

How do you feel today?

For myself , me and my innerself.Just wanting the nightshift to pass as qiuck as possible.As sad as it is,the money has to come rolling in to the bank account.In a steady little stable flow.Wonder what colour the flow has,does it shimmer in gold or