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Analog dreams!

Never stop dreaming about the analog photography,even if i sold my Mamiya 645 this week.This dreams still keep haunting me. I’ve been collecting some stuff for a while and now finally got the missing part,the bellows!

My old Fuji X-e1,adapters,enlager lenses and finally an old Russian M39 bellows.It will take some serious D.I.Y to make this Frankenstein to come to life,but i have hope -ha!

The first and very stressed out test, exceeded my expectation! I’am on to something here, it was really hard to not moving everything out of sharpness,then i had to adjust controls on the camera and not pulling on the cable to the flash.It need some kind’a bracket and enclosure to get higher contrast ,revmoving color tints e.t.c.

Take a look,and make a comment about what you think!




Samsung s7


Man på Avenyn analogt test Okt 2017



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