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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Analog testing!

I bought this little bad boy last week, wanted to test a point and shoot with autofocus. So i hacked an old film cannister to set the asa to 400,matching the speed of Fomapan 400. I am bulk loading Fomapan 400 at the moment. Yesterday

Moving foward!

Don’t like to use such capitalistic cliches,but in some senses we acutally move foward. That goes for me to, i set goal and looking ahead in my photographic journey. Right now i am deeply into the analog side of photography, it feels like i’am gonn’a

New Fuji camera!

We had a “Mega”- flea market, in my community last Saturday! I picked up some really cheap cameras for some nickels and dimes. This little plastic and flimsey Fuji or Fujica, turned out to be really sweet. Stupidly i thought the “MF” stood for manual

Still on the shoreline!

The years have passed,we’re still standing on the shoreline. The same darkness and anexity are haunting us! The same repating pattern are stearing us, i dont think it’s something we need anymoore. Once i thought it was like an mantra we needed to find peace

Broken Mobile!

A little slip and then bye bye, Samsung S7 edge!! First it feels like your life slips through your fingers. Like its something really precious and important that have been hurt. A chill of anexity went trough my spine and a tear rolled down my