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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Bulkloading again!

Now it’s time for some colour film,bought me a 30m roll of Kodak vision T 500 on Ebay in December. I shot a roll on my compact Olympus Af-1, but i’am gonna wait so i have a small batch to develop in a sweep. Don’t

Suburbian thoughts

Can you see beyond your limitations then you are born and raised in the working class suburbs! Or are you stuck within its mental frames. I dont have the answers to this questions, but they occupies my mind on a varying scale. I think everything

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The old trusty bathroom!

Yeah,in the bathroom all the magic happends! Shot two rolls yesterday and developt them as well. I think i have worked myself through the thirty meters of fomapan 400 soon. A fresh roll of Kodak vision t 500, just lays and waiting to be fed

Printing your socks off!

Printing must be a cornerstone in photography, how will you evaluate your work otherwize? Yeah,yeah you can see them in the library modul in Lightroom, i know it may sound lika an cliche’ but it’s all true. A physical end product must be better than

Sci-fi event 2018

This year sci-fi event, felt more on routine. Not so much cosplay, more focus on selling stuff. Maybe i was a little bored, dont know. I got a few shots what i pretty happy with. Next year will be better for sure!