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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Kungälvs crusing 2018

In a mid may saturday, with almost a tropical heat! I went to take good look at the yearly crusing event, and what a awesome festival it was!! With such old awesome cars what suits it better to use use some old Nikon cameras, with

Project without an ending!

My everlong project from my home community Partille, getting some analog photos in the mix. Since i focus almost solely on analog photography. Don’t really mind mixing the two mediums at all, you get the same result in the end. A photography, no more or

Best analog shots, so far!

Yeah it didn’t became more than four photos to this point. To be honest you can’t produce many good photos on a year basis, i think with analog film you restrict yourself a little more than shooting on a digital camera. Shooting on the street

Printing a little bigger!

Once in a while i make an A3+ print, most of the time i keep it simple with A4’s or smaller just to keep the printer in shape and not using to much ink. But once in a while, then i like one of my

Nikkor 24mm or can you get to close!

Can you get to close to your subject? To be honest i don’t know. But i think it’s get harder the wider you go. Extreme wideness like a fisheye is really tough to master on the street, i’ve done an post about using an fisheye