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Project without an ending!

My everlong project from my home community Partille, getting some analog photos in the mix. Since i focus almost solely on analog photography. Don’t really mind mixing the two mediums at all, you get the same result in the end. A photography, no more or less! I find the analog process more fun and challenging right now.

It’s gonna be more of an headache sorting out this project of mine. Getting close to 130 photos to sort out and hopefully get a content in the end. I’m setting an end to the timeline at next year, and with some luck a completed project next spring or summer. A project on the computer aint so much fun either, gonn’a look harder into the possibilty of showing my work at a local gallery or some communtiy places. You gott’a have that search and destory mind set, or who i’am kidding. Without being to funny, some goals are a must!! Even for a amaturish streetphotgrapher!


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