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Kungälvs crusing 2018

In a mid may saturday, with almost a tropical heat! I went to take good look at the yearly crusing event, and what a awesome festival it was!! With such old awesome cars what suits it better to use use some old Nikon cameras, with real film loaded. An really good mix if you ask me!! Thats so nice with events like this, how close you can come in to your subjects. Since i had my 24mm Nikkor lens mounted on my Nikon Fm2, close was the only choice. The closer the better you know -Ha!!

Dont really know how to explain this Swedish subculture of “Raggare”, its an really old subculture from the 50’s and the start of rock’roll i guess. I cant explain it better than its a deeply rooted swedish culture, with a lot of American inspiration and the old vintage American cars in the spotlight. I see it as an celebration of Swedish cultrual modern history, something we lack of many times in this country!!

All the the photos were taken with my Nikon fm2 and Nikkor 24mm with the Nikon speedlight 910,using Kodak vision3 T500 film. Trying to keep a little overexposure and pretty much juice on the flash. This film need a lot of light to come to its rights, i have not used any color correction filter since i lost it a while ago, to be honest there is no need for it. The only situation what got messed up colors were direct harsh sunlight into the lens, everything got a purple hazy look. Otherwize it works really sweet in most light situations, i think its comes with the game of analog film to get some tints in the color scheme. It cant be as perfect and clean as a digital photo.

But hey, i will defentive return to this awesome crusing next year!! Dont forget to scroll down to see all the photos!






















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