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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Yashica T3 Super in the streets.

I have put some rolls through the Yashica T3 up to date,and it feels pretty nice. I aint gonn’a do some in depth rewiew of the camera, more how it feels and works in the street. The Yashica T3 is an ugly and wierd looking

Copenhagen vs Göteborg

Haven’t got my ass around to develop all rolls from Copenhagen yet! Returning to work and nightshit got in the way! But i got some keepers from the first rolls. I know it’s summertime and vacations in the air, but what a diffrent wibe it’s

Night scanning

A simple equation. The more you shot with film, the more you have to scan in the bitter end! No way around it i guess. Since i dont have a darkroom and an enlarger, this is the way to go! If i stop being a

Motörhead and other devices

Remembering the strange high school years and Motörhead, the hardest band out there! Yeah i also remember the Motörhead t-shirt i wore with pride!! Today they are all gone and the t-shirt too! Like a faint memory of the past. Today i got little moore

The Nikon F3

It was bound to happend,to get this legend of a camera. The Nikon F3! Then this clean specimen appered on the Swedish auction site “Tradera” i had to buy it. For about 300$ i got the Nikon F3 house and Nikkor 35mm 2.0 lens, both

In the eye!

I looked in the eye of many dogs, sometimes you see that sharpness of the predator. Often then you look at them a little off guard,and not in a submisson state of mind. I like that seriousness, it’s like a call from the wild. A