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The Nikon F3

It was bound to happend,to get this legend of a camera. The Nikon F3! Then this clean specimen appered on the Swedish auction site “Tradera” i had to buy it. For about 300$ i got the Nikon F3 house and Nikkor 35mm 2.0 lens, both in a nice and clean working condition. I bulk loaded a ten frame roll yesterday, just to see what everything works alright and no light leaks appear. Just developt the roll tonight, gonn’a scan it tomorrow but as far i could see on the negatives it seemed ok!

Way to early to give any rewiew on the Nikon F3, but it feels a little diffrent from my Nikon Fm2n houses. It got a little moore damped shutter sound, maybe it’s because of material in the shutter or dampning. Anyhow it feels like a really nice camera. I didn’t get that strange hotshoe in the deal so it’s gonn’a be without the flash, until i find one on the used market. It can be nice to do some photography without the flash-gun in the left hand too,a little more basic and carefree!

Next post will have some scans from the Nikon f3!


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