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Yashica T3 Super in the streets.

I have put some rolls through the Yashica T3 up to date,and it feels pretty nice. I aint gonn’a do some in depth rewiew of the camera, more how it feels and works in the street.

The Yashica T3 is an ugly and wierd looking compact camera, you can see on the the design that it’s heydays must have been in the eighties. Even if it’s pretty big and brick-like by apperence it slide down easy in the back pockets of my jeans or jackets. The pro’s of it’s larger size are the grip and feel of the Yashica T3, o’boy what a nice and secure grip this camera have! Really well designed!!

Loading film is easy, just drag out the film a little make sure the sprockets line up with the holes in the film and smack the back door. Some hissing and your ready to go! Then your done with a roll and it winds up in the canister,it rolls up entierly and leave no trace of a the film. I must say this is a really big bummer or the biggest one, for me at least! Since i save my canisters for bulkloading, life becomes so much easier if a little tab of film keeps hanging out! I hate sitting with what tool and listen for clicks and trying do drag out the film lead. Big,big bummer!!

Using and handling is a breeze, move the plastic protective cover and the goodies appear. The Carl Zeiss Tessar 35mm 2.8!! I guess this is what all the the fuzz are about, the quality lens stucked in this plastic camera. Yeah it’s sharp and renders colors nice,not so much more to say about it! There are a couple of modes with flash and flash off, not very hard to figure out. I really like the harsh sunlight flash mode, works really good to even out strong sunlight or giving a little more pop!

The autofocus seems to work accurate, then it miss to focus its not by much. I’ve havn’t done any real comparsion to really study the pinpointing of the autofocus, more used it in common situations on the street. For a camera of this age it works really sweet!

One of the biggest pro’s, then using it on the street are the stealthy “press-the-shutter-and-hold-it! The Yashica T3 won’t drag foward the next frame until you release the shutter button. Only a quiet spring sound from the shutter, no loud hissing and squeaking until you decide to realese the button. That’s a great goodie!!

Overall it’s a really sweet little camera, that can follow you everywere. Don’t think about putting it in your front pockets, it will look really wierd!








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