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Monthly Archives: August 2018

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An old polaroid and memory!

  My grandpa, he was old already then i was a kid. This old polaroid from are from 1971, it must have been at least five years since i scanned it. He’s long gone and so are my dad, they were from this old Swedish


Seems like i was a productive and good little boy in Cophagenhagen, it wasen’t such a long stay! I’am not gonn’a keep rambling how nice and sweet it were and bla bla. But i got a lot of keepers, and that’s always nice!! Everything was

No red thread!

Seems to lost track on my project, feels like i’am just just collecting photos without any clear intent or thought! It’s not a case of lack of inspiration or motivation, just that i have a hard time seeing the red thread in the pictures right