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Into Darkness

Yeah it’s time, as usual getting inspired by other people and their doings in the photographic world! I could not resist this itching in my mind! Iv’e done it before, so i got some kind of really basic knowledge. That time i rushed and stressed the process and foremost the setup of the enlarger, so some crappy prints later i gave it to the local thirft store. This time i’am not gonn’a stress at all, just setting up everything right before i make any prints and get frustrated!

But hey, that a beatyful piece of machinary this Leitz Focomat 1c is. It’s a real behemoth!! I can stretch so far and say if you never do a print on it and are into industrial design, it could easy make a spot in a living room- ha ha!

Papers and some other equipment are on it’s way, so in a near future i will hopefully have my first B&W print done!

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