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First darkroom prints!!


I have tested the analog printing process before. That time it became like failure,ending up with giving enlarger to a local drift store. This time i found a better enlarger and didn’t stress or force the process. A little more prepared to begin with!!

The focomat 1c was really easy to work with, even for a beginner like me. The only complain could be be focus ring, a lager knob or handle on the side would have been easier than the camera like focus ring above the lens. At least then you hunch down to look into that grain finder, but hey not much to complain about really!

The papers i used were Fomaspeed Variant with a bright surface. Rembering how damn hard it were last time then i used a matte paper and couldn’t find the printing side of that paper in the dusk safelight! So a bright side made it really easy. So both paper and film were Foma.

The first print i followed the protocol and made some test strips before printing, i think i got the time somewhat OK after inspecting the test strip. After that i changed negatives and started to test and fool around a little, without making any test strips. Even went out on a limb and made some burning!!

Got to say this re-premiere in the dark, was a success and make me crave for more! Next time i’am gonn’a prepare even more, to make it a smoooth and sweet experience!!

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