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Monthly Archives: October 2018

A life story!

A camera can open up for coversations, if you keep an open mind and friendly attitude everything can happend. I was trying to get a compotision with the colorful unicorn below, then i saw this dude in the corner of my eye. He showed intrest


Yeah you gott’a own one, if you into photography or streetphotography it’s like a holy grail. Since i said bye bye to digital cameras and sold them off. I felt like it was time to own a Leica M camera. Yeah it was a little

Darkroom printing continuous!

I’am not aiming on becoming some kind’a wizard in the darkroom. It feels really stoopied to call a corner in the bedroom for a darkroom, anyway it works for now and i’am making prints. It’s such a relif to be fiddling around in the dark,