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Yeah you gott’a own one, if you into photography or streetphotography it’s like a holy grail. Since i said bye bye to digital cameras and sold them off. I felt like it was time to own a Leica M camera.

Yeah it was a little pricey, but the the extra cash was worth it. Stunning condition and a working guarantee for three months felt like well invested money.

I shot three rolls through it,most for cheking what everthing was in order and working. I don’t know if it’s so optimal for flash streetphotography with just a 50 of second as sync time. But i dont care so much, it was very nice to operate and handle. Maybe i use it more without a flash!

Since it’s already been written miles after miles about Leica M cameras, i wont be ramling on how great it was and so on! I’am just gonn’a say it felt like a nice camera, have to use it more to make any serious reweiw!!





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