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Monthly Archives: November 2018

A faithful companion!

Holy crap, so many miles we have walked together. Me and this ol’ rottweiler lady, i think she’s eleven now. Born in our kitchen and faithful as a rock. On this warm and sunny autumn day we took a break on the old cemetery here

If you got an itch, scratch your self with barbwire or why not ride into the sunset on a color unicorn! Yeah all what it’s possible in this little community in the westcoast of Sweden, just seven kilometers east of Gothenburg. A little gem of

Easy print!

The first darkroom print at 24×30. I thought this negative gonn’a be tough to nail, due it was rather dark and i used flash. One test strip and i think i nailed it pretty good. Did some dodging on his face and hand, but thats

Contact sheets

It was time to do some contact sheets,most for it so boring to scan one negativ at the time. Prescanning and scan is really tedious and time consuming! So for black and white i think i’am gonna stick to doing contact sheets. A whole roll