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Monthly Archives: December 2018

You ain’t alone!

If your mind spins, or a deep,dark vortex want to suck you down in eternity. Dont despair, you dont walk alone in this mad and fucked up world! Better to embrace the darkness and madness and let it flow over you. – Come motherfucker come!!

As far as i come!

I’ve been doing a lot of darkroom prints of this photo. Since i was very close to the dog and had my flash even closer in the moment, the dogs head became a little burnt out. Since i’ve scanned this negative before i knew it


I’ve been using my Leica m4-p a lot lately, putting some action and rolls through it. I’am not used to rangefinders so it had to be done. Recently i stumbled across this beast of a camera, a very good friend of mine got some cameras

From dusk to more dusk!

From some kind’a light, don’t even know if it’s worth calling a daylight. Say about 1/8 to 1/15 of second, in the afternoon all you will get is a about 1 second exposures!! Of course it’s my typical way of making streetphoto’s, zonefocus with small

A monk or Darth Vader

I finally got a good pc-sync cable so i could test the use of flash with my Leica. Yeah it’s really dark now here in Sweden, so the 1/50 sec sync time aint really a problem, in the seasons of the abyss (nordic winter time)!


Yeah the seconds are important to get a somewhat ok print! For me it’s either intervalls of five or three seconds. For a newbie like me it’s hard to judge the outcome of the whole print, even with doing test prints. Judgeing the negavtive is


My go to focal lenght is 28mm. But since i bought a 24mm nikon for my Fm2’s in this summer, i’ve used it pretty much and it’s a very sweet focal lenght to use in the streets. You gott’a creep in really close to your

Analog workflow.

Yeah! Mission accomplished in a way. My first photos what have not gone through the computer or scanner. From negatives to contact sheets to final prints and then smartphoned in to the digital world. Yeah it’s a big thing in this digital age, at least