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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Steep learning curve!

Now i’am fully ambracing split contrast printing, after watching videos on youtube like this. Everything seems so easy just splitting times and off you go! No it’s not, not for me at least! No doubt that this split grading is a great way to get

Konica Hexanon 28mm!

Yup i needed a 28mm lens for my Leica, 28mm is my bread and butter so to speak. Too bad i couldn’t cough up enough cash for Leica 28mm lens-dooh! Another time maybe, who knows. Found this Konica Hexanon 28mm 2.8 on the used market,

Gothenburg Gothic!

It’s stil winter in the northen hemisphere, not even the crows seems to like this gloomy and cold weather! Only to be replaced by rain and then more rain. Like a dystopia that have come true! The mannequins don’t care about weather and moods, strange

From head to head!

Trying to take these photos were you can draw a line from head to head, and getting that nice flow in the your photo, aint so easy on the street! You gott’a move in close and be quick as a cobra to get a nice