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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Getting to a final print!

Even if i’m a newbie in the darkroom printing game, i gott’a come to a final print for each session. Thats my goal to keep, something i’m happy with after all the work. I’ve been doing notes to remember times and settings, but in the


I’am stumbling across this imperial sith lord,every now and then. Latley more often! Should i’ll take it as sign! Maybe the dark side awaits me -Ha! Thinks i’am gonna do a darkroom print of this one in the weekend.      

Window shopping!

Sometimes it happends,-yeah! I dont how many times i’ve been staring into windows of shops and restaurants. With camera and flash in my hands, waiting for something to happend (must look wierd). Ninety nine times of a hundred, nothing ever happends!! But this time it