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Monthly Archives: May 2019

My Cameras pt:1

I’am going to start with the smallest and compact ones. I don’t use any digital cameras any more, exept the one in my phone of course! That one have to counted in as pretty important one too, would be hard to be blogging and other

Epson print!

Since it’s spring and summer time, i shoot color film for the most of the time. Here it’s the cheap Fuji superia 200 that’s loaded in the camera. Here in Sweden you can get it at Photax for 39 sek or 3.78 usd for a thirtysix

Going back!

Returning to same spot can be a force of habit. Wanting to get a better shot than you achived last time, i think it’s a necessity in street photography to eveolve and to really nail the best photo and composition. To bad i couldn’t prove

First color this year!

Yep, i stacked up eight rolls of color film, just wating to developt. So now it was time! First color of the year. It’s Fuji superia 200, shot through Leica M4-p and hexanon 28mm. Both flash and not so flashey!