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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Reposting from 2018!

My five favorites from 2018. Last year i also sold off all my digital cameras, so no digital files from what year. The three color photos are taken with Kodak vision 3 T500, A film stock i both liked and disliked. Very easy to get a

I saw him in a rock.

Then i was driving yesterday, listen to the radio. I put on the local radio station here in Partille, thats something i never use to do! Something caught my curiosty. It was some local sport legend from my home community, talking about his life and

To explain a photo.

Yeah, yeah i know. You sholdn’t explain your photos, they speak for them self and bla bla. But i think it’s fun to write a little about them, and reflect about thoughts i had then i took the photos. I took this in November 2015,

Reposting and highlights from 2017.

It seems like 2017 was a productive year. I settled for these five pictures. Two analog and three digital, ain’t that a fair share. In 2017 i begun sliding over to an analog work flow, but i stilled used my digital cameras.      

Industar-69 the wignetter

I needed a lens with Leica screw mount. Bad! Very bad and fast (feverish). Since i just bought the Bessa L body.I had to test it, i saw no other way than ordering a Industar-69 from Ucraine. It was the fastest and cheapest way to

Reposting, from 2016

Yeah time flies and all these empty frases. But in a sense it really does! Since it’s impossible to always produce new and good material for a blog, a little reposting here and there can’t hurt. This is my top three from 2016, or at

Contact sheets

Since it’s the mid of summer and light outside until night time. It’s no idea for me to do any darkroom work. I need contact sheets, badly! Due to shooting a lot of color film, and it’s so tedious to scan through every frame. Sitting

Fuji superia 200, works fine!

The Fuji superia 200 is cheap, and works very good. With flash the 200 iso rating is just a plus. Color wize it’s a little on the cold side, with blue and green color tints. On the other hand it reproduces skin color very good,

Todays setup, the Bessa L

Really hot in the city today, not much action either. A little slow, i guess people rather hang on the beach. But i had to put some rolls through the Bessa L and 21mm voigtländer lens, getting to learn the camera and lens setup. I