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Todays setup, the Bessa L

Really hot in the city today, not much action either. A little slow, i guess people rather hang on the beach.

But i had to put some rolls through the Bessa L and 21mm voigtländer lens, getting to learn the camera and lens setup. I have to say 21mm is really wide! A lot wider than 28mm that i’am used to work with. But handling was a dream, just change aperture insted of shutterspeed. Keeping it at maxium sync speed at 1/125 sec and just change the f-stop, from eight and up everything seems to come in the focus range! The three diod lightmeter is so easy to read, just take a glance down on the camera. Press shutter button half way and you’re ready to go!

I dont have any chemicals for B&W at home, and i dont want to open my big pack of Tetenal C-41 for just a roll or two, so no pictures!

Bessa L