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Contact sheets

Since it’s the mid of summer and light outside until night time. It’s no idea for me to do any darkroom work. I need contact sheets, badly! Due to shooting a lot of color film, and it’s so tedious to scan through every frame. Sitting behind the computer hour after hour, doing pre scanning and scanning don’t feels like fun summer activity!

I needed a faster solution, a digital contact sheet would be perfect. So using my Samsung s9, Lighroom mobile and a light table gives me an digital contact sheet. I get an good idea of the roll, just by looking on phone screen and doing the first editing choises there.

Then it’s time for scanning, just share the contact sheet to dropbox and open it in photoshop. Then you can really blow it up and make out what to scan or not. This is really time saving, if your pile of negative sheets starts to pile up!

If you shoot a lot of film and obeying the “Analog god” some form of a contact sheet is a must! If see to myself, i’am gonna loose track in the stacks of negatives if i don’t make contact sheets. In the fall and winter then i shoot more black and white film, i’am gonn’a do them in the darkroom agian.