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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Big, bold and black!

First of all, i’am not gonn’a do a summary of my best 2019 photo’s! Let me show you this bad boy instead. I can say, coming up close to strangers in the city. With a camera and flash in your hands, aint nothing! Not if

The arm!

This photo showed up then i scanned last time! The beauty of analog, you can’t remember all your shots. It comes as a nice suprise a couple of months later. This was the only one that was a keeper on that roll -dooh!    

Darkroom work 2019.

Some of my darkroom work from 2019. If 2018 was my newbie year, this was my “doing” year! I can take a look at the negative and got some clue of the outcome. And even more important, the use of contrast filters. And how to

Last color!

For this year for sure! My color film storage almost lasted the year out. After a trip in to the city, it was time to develop my last four color rolls today. Actually i loaded my last roll today, but i only had time to

Silver in the dark!

Time for another reprint. This was a dark and very thin negative, so stopping down the lens to f16 and using a high contrast filter seemed nice. I picked up a thing or two since i’ve done my first print -ha! I took this photo in

Silver gelatin for life!

No work until Thursday -Yeah! It’s a horrible weather outside, so tonight it’s time for some darkroom printing agian. This is the print i did the last time, think it’s almost two weeks ago. I’am reprinting some negatives to get them on the same type

Home sweet home!

Home sweet home or suburbia deluxe! You can give your home many names if you wants, more correct the surroundings of your home. To me it’s the most hard place to make photographs. Partille 2019. It feels like i take the same photos over and

Blixten ger ljus!

Blixten detta ovärderliga verktyg. Hatad av många och älskad av några få! Den funkar lika bra i solsken som i vintermörkret. Visst har den en uppvaknande effekt, men den skadar ingen. Om du kastar lite ljus på någon, så tar de ingen större skada. Jo