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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Suburbia, disturbia!!

Since twenty fifteen, things have changed in suburbia! At least in my suburbia, their i live and flourish. I know since i have studied the subject with an close eye! I don’t have any scientific evidences, with graphs charts to prove my point. No i

Rainey day blues!

Then the rain just pouring down, why dont sharp your skills in the darkroom! Yep, every freeday this week is gonn’a be rainin. So it’s printing time! These prints are from last week. It was on the easy side doing those. Maybee i am getting

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Der Analogishe workflow! (Contact sheets)

Since i refuse to scan my black and white negatives. I still have some logistical issues to solve. I bought some expensive see-trough-museum quality negative sheets. Just to get around the horrible and painstaking task to fiddle with each negative strip in the dark. Then

Head or tails!!

My head ain’t like yours, thats for sure! I will never be a wedding photographer or life-style-food-hipster kind of one! This conslusion didn’t come like a lightning bolt out of the sky, just now! It’s more like it’s embedded in my DNA, from day one!

Repeat and react!

Yup, that’s the mantra! Just repeat and react, and maybe i will get something on my film spool!   It’s not harder than doing the flick of my thumb. In reality it’s so god damn hard and diffuculty so my mind just spins!! Maybe that’s

December lights!

Yeah! Now it’s over! All the holidays are trough and gone for this time. I had some time between work and holidays, to test of my recently bought Nikon f100 on the streets. Göteborg 2019 My primary reason to buy the f100, was the use