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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Hand in glove.

It was was the first that springed in to my mind. But no, it’s not the Smiths song! It’s more hand and the one legged couple! I had to go through that big pile of negative sheets. Both color and black and white! I think

Medium format in 2012!

Damn it! Already eight years since i took these pictures. I got my first itch at analog photography about ten years ago. If i remember correctly i gave 3000 sek for this mamiya 645, yeah about ten years ago. I think you gott’a pay more for

Art of blogging!

Keeping up blogging it’s kind’a stressfull. At least for me, i am not able to keep up a relevant flow of posts. But this blogg is mine! I pay for it. So i write just as i like or feels! To do a steady flow

A look in to the future!

And what i saw, wasen’t so bright! At first i did a lot of writing and bla bla! But i got bored, we know what’s wrong with todays society. No reason for me to ranting about it to! The figure below can illustrate my face.

Hangover sunday!

It was beer and rock n roll yesterday night! I finished pretty early, so tucked down and sleeping tight at eleven a clock. Yeah i know, like a baby! But’s it’s only rock n roll that counts, and beer!    


When moments pass by to fast or my guts ain’t big enough! The sideways shots come in to play! Many times i becames the gutless wonder, and feel safer coming from the side!   Sometimes the sideways shots works very well! But for the most

Scanning my days away!

Scanning, sounds like something from Star Trek or similar sci-fi show. But this kind of scanning, the photography one. Is far from any sci-fi adventure! But i has to be done on a regular basis, then your into analog photography. For me the color negatives has to

Masked villians print.

First of all, i haven’t toned the prints. It’s just a warm light bulb in my desk lamp. And yes i am gonn’a change it soon! The white balance tool in my smartphone ain’t the best. Not in that gallery tool anyway! I have done

Three rolls today!

Yeah almost, on the 32 :nd frame at roll three! It was an splendid almost spring like weather today! We haven’t been spoiled with many sun hours this winter, here in Gothenburg! (Fuji superia 200 Oct 2019) Today i felt like using my Nikon F100 with

Feeding time!

Should i keep feeding this monstroisty much more! Soon it will rip out my soul and chew on it, like a dead rabbit. Then all limbs are gone, and only the inner core reamins, yeah then it’s bye bye. Or should i take actions, playing