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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Darkroom skills!

First of all, this is the first of my 2020 negatives being developt. I did a darkroom copy of this negative on last Saturday evening. The photo is taken with Nikon f100 and Nikon sb-23, set to ttl and 3-d matrix metering on the camera. (works really

Keep your bible ready!

I couldn’t help giving this post a dramatic title. But he actually hold a bible in his hands, so i made a spin-off from that. In the middle of our city mall, were’s a square. Often occupied by doomsday preachers and other strange people shouting

Three i give you this time!

Three photo’s from my home community Partille. I think three is a magical number, so it will work very well! They are some of the last scans from my 2019 batch! All shot on Fuji superia 200 and some Olympus compact!   I have finally

Stirring in the Pot! (Kodak X-Tol)

Kodak X-Tol is my main developer. It’s easy to make and you have a lot of it then youre done! A lot of pro’s! You got a lot of it, cheap and works brilliant! Negatives come out sharp and clear. Not much more to ask

I remember them all!

In the banks of the memory, lays every taken photo! Even the bullshitty ones! To look at them, brings back the scene and that instant moment. Just a reflection on a Sunday evening!      

Darkness i embrace you!

Is dystopia really here this time! The rich getting richer, thinking about profits and money is going down the toilet! A kind of system reboot. Or is it just a warning this time! Next time you gonn’a be wiped out!     I don’t know,

Saturday printing!

It’s getting hard to do titles about darkroom printing! Just becomes corny to write something funny about darkroom printing, every time. Anyway, this is what emerged from the chemicals this time! As usual an test strip was done. My hand in the picture was blown

Hitting the streets!

I dont think i shot one frame on the streets in february!! Not a single one, rain been pouring down here like crazy! And simply not having time!   But today it’s time to burn through some rolls in the city! Now it’s the ideas

Faces a lot of faces!

Yes it’s a post with a lot of faces. The first photo feels like two faces, or something like what! I had to highlight the connection between them. Then i look at the face in the bus, it puzzels me! Looks like fucking Michael Myers