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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Going backwards!

Yeah it’s nice going backwards! Did my shift from digital to analog in 2017. A complete shift. Sold off all my digital cameras and lenses (Fuji X). I got my smartphone camera, and that’s the only digital camera i got! The smartphone camera is on the other

Color scans!

Finally catching up with all my scanning, even some color scans was behind from the summer! In a strange way, you need a small break from shooting with your camera, or cameras! Cathcing up with all the work around the analog photography! To bad it

Develop, stop and fix!

Yeah that’s the mantra of the analog work flow! Developing is the main action, but the other two is just as important! Here’s fixing is going on for a couple of extra minutes! It’s enough with one minute, to turn on the lamps and take

Partille, påskafton 2020!

Det blir en stilla påskafton detta året, man gör väl rätt i att kalla det ett nådens år! Ett ett nytt decennium som vi sent kommer att glömma, säkert i flera generationer i framtiden! För min egen del blir det mest att jobba som vanligt, handla mat

Without flash!

I almost exlusive use flash on the street. Yeah i know many have picked up this style of streetphoto! To my defence, i have used flash on the street for a long time now! I am not gonn’a go in to ethics or some other