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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Hem kära hem!

Anarki när kommer du?! Kommer ihåg när man första gången satte på Sex pistols skivan. På en plastig Philips grammofonspelare, känn på det ordet “Grammofonspelare”! Där, just då i tioårs åldern lärde man sig det nya spännande ordet. Anarki eller Anarchy in the UK! Känns

Som katten i Mars!

Ja månaden Mars, mer bestämt i början av Mars. Sista gången jag var inne i staden och var närgången med kamera o blixt. Ja, sista gången som jag strök omkring som Marskatten på gator o torg. Sedan slog förlamningen till, hårt och abrupt. Som släggyxa!

Under the bridge!

It’s a bridge i pass over everyday to work. I’ve been under it once before, many years ago. Also in photographic mission, that time i went futher out on the fields. This time it was enough to scout the surrondings around and under the bridge!

Pentax 6X7!!

Yes i’m 35mm dude! My natrual habitate is on the street with a wide angle lens. Crowded streets and a flash, there i thrive the best. But since the situation don’t call for close encounters of any kind, i have to adept a little! A

Party on!

Some party pictures from earlier this year. A really fun night in a cold and rainy February night! The virus with the big “V” hadn’t start to spread up north yet! I guess it was the first and last concert this year, –Bummer! Then a


In my own stupity, i thought everything was ok! Like a living in a La la Land! But hey, it’s not. It’s far from being ok! I can see the suburbian gangs with heritage from the middle east, trying to take over the suburbs! The

Running out of photos!

To be more correct, running out of close up taken street photos with flash! It have not happend yet, but since it’ a delay from photo being taken to being scanned or printed. I may very well soon be out of photos. Or negatives. Bummer with