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Party on!

Some party pictures from earlier this year.

A really fun night in a cold and rainy February night!

The virus with the big “V” hadn’t start to spread up north yet!

I guess it was the first and last concert this year, –Bummer!

Then a words like social distancing, didn’t mean anything.

You could sweat and push with no problems at all.

Just wait a month, and everything was changed!

Yeah, ol Hunter Thompson joined the pre party

Get the hell out of my face, with that camera.

Our host and spirtual leader “Krull”

Yeah even old boys wann’a play with toy guns!

I think it’s something build into our boy spines!

No one got hurt, we just felt a little tuffer than usual!

A fun and happy night what really distance now!

Hope this shit blows over so we can party and watch cool bands agian, soon!