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Pentax 6X7!!

Yes i’m 35mm dude! My natrual habitate is on the street with a wide angle lens.

Crowded streets and a flash, there i thrive the best.

But since the situation don’t call for close encounters of any kind, i have to adept a little!

A great opportunity to buy another camera!

I dusted of my old tripod and dreamt about larger formats.


Medium format to be accurate. Since i have owned a Mamiya 645 before, i aimed for something bigger.

I have always been drooling about the Fuji gsw III and the format of 6X9!!

But a slight fever and aching for buying a medium format camera, the choice fell on the Pentax 6×7.

I got a good deal, so didn’t hesitate!

I have just taken three rolls, one just to check out that everthing worked ok!

The other two i haven’t had time to develop yet!

The photo above is from that test roll. I shot it on Fomapan 400, a film stock i have used a lot on 35mm.

On 35mm it can be a little harsh and contrasty, but i like to bulkload it. It’s cheap and works good on the street.

But on this big format everything seemed smooth, buttery smooth!

Size matter after all!! -dooh!