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Under the bridge!

It’s a bridge i pass over everyday to work.

I’ve been under it once before, many years ago.

Also in photographic mission, that time i went futher out on the fields.

This time it was enough to scout the surrondings around and under the bridge!


I loaded the Pentax with a roll of Ilford FP 4 at box speed.

My little light meter and i was ready to go!

In the next post i gonn’a show the scans from this session!

Gott’a say, it really feels awkward and wierd. Using a tripod agian!

And this 150mm, equivalent of 85mm on 35mm camera. Don’t make thing easier!

But it’s the only lens i got for the Pentax, so better than nothing.

We will se what happends in the nearby future.

Below a small video from yesterday, damn it was windy and cold!