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Like a mantra!

I have a regularilty, once or twice a week i go in to the city. Hitting the streets and keep up the streetphotography. Most of the times it’s just crap what i produce, but it’s not of importance. It’s the regularity, and the action in

New tools!

Yeah, the right match for my Focomat 1c, the Focotar 4.5. Some work free days coming up soon, so it’s gonna be a late sunday darkroom session tomorrow! An absolute necessity, finally got around to buy a light meter. Used it a couple of times

Getting to a final print!

Even if i’m a newbie in the darkroom printing game, i gott’a come to a final print for each session. Thats my goal to keep, something i’m happy with after all the work. I’ve been doing notes to remember times and settings, but in the

Greedos revenge or what i like in a photo!

It’s not my best or favorite photo i’ve taken, but it got some of the elements i like and get my juices flowing! Yeah i know, you ain’t gonna explain and write about your photos and shit. But i dont care, it can be a


I’am stumbling across this imperial sith lord,every now and then. Latley more often! Should i’ll take it as sign! Maybe the dark side awaits me -Ha! Thinks i’am gonna do a darkroom print of this one in the weekend.      


Some provoke and the kid was alert and ready to chop me up! That’s the legacy of ol’ Jason!

Window shopping!

Sometimes it happends,-yeah! I dont how many times i’ve been staring into windows of shops and restaurants. With camera and flash in my hands, waiting for something to happend (must look wierd). Ninety nine times of a hundred, nothing ever happends!! But this time it

Steep learning curve!

Now i’am fully ambracing split contrast printing, after watching videos on youtube like this. Everything seems so easy just splitting times and off you go! No it’s not, not for me at least! No doubt that this split grading is a great way to get

Konica Hexanon 28mm!

Yup i needed a 28mm lens for my Leica, 28mm is my bread and butter so to speak. Too bad i couldn’t cough up enough cash for Leica 28mm lens-dooh! Another time maybe, who knows. Found this Konica Hexanon 28mm 2.8 on the used market,