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Freedays or Fridays?!?

Time for a short stop in the endless row, going-to-the-fucking-horizon line of working days. But soon reality comes knocking on my door again and duty and paychecks are number one priority again! I have accepted this destiny a long time ago,but it feels nice to

The analog dreams continue!

Gave up the idea of using bellows and enlarger lenses, to copy my negatives.Got myself a dedicated 35mm scanner insted.And O’boy what a difference! My old flatbed scanner don’t play in the same leauge, not by far! But i gonn’a keep it, you never know then the

The man with scarf

  It’s something tasteful about wearing a scarf,Always dreamt about deep blue scarf with withe dots and a matching captains hat!I think my working class heritage has put this dreams on halt! But you never know,one day it may happend! This edler and classy gentleman,was

Fisheye or not to fisheye!

It’s like going for a surreal ride of some sort, everything bends and twist.Making the world into stranger place! I bought this Samyang 8mm for my Fuji X cameras, used it a couple of times on the street but got bored of its quirks. I’am

Racing and burnouts!

I dig cars and the subcultures around it,from street racing to american vintage cars and greasers.I love it all! Its a such an easy going approach and down to earth feeling at car shows.Dragracing can be a little tricky though,especially with my streetphoto gear,fuji 18mm

Analog dreams!

Never stop dreaming about the analog photography,even if i sold my Mamiya 645 this week.This dreams still keep haunting me. I’ve been collecting some stuff for a while and now finally got the missing part,the bellows! My old Fuji X-e1,adapters,enlager lenses and finally an old

Printing my days away!

  Besides the main activity of actually taking photos and editing them.Number three is printing them,equally as important as the first two steps in my small but intensive quest of photography.One activity can’t live without the other. In the video and photo, i’am printing on

Two thousand and eight!

Photos are the greatest way to walk down memory line.That fragment of time,captured and preserved for a future memory flashbacks of passed times.The rivers of time passes in diffrent paces but it always has that foward going motion,where we stand a little on the side,like


Rain and working night shift,couldn’t be better for a downward spiral into my lurking mind!Splitting up the worknights into segments,and shutting off.Seems to work pretty nice,dont know what the side effects will be in the future dooh! But what a fuck,i’am not alone in this