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Pencil grey skies!

  Feels like this winter has been extremley dull,rainy and grey. Not much people in the city core either or is just me feeling some Northen winter blues! Dont really care to be honest, just keep struggling on with the analog photography. It has to

Shopping spree

I’am slowley moving backwards, away from all the craziness and lunatic behavior of big holiday shopping!! It just cause stress and anexity, burdens that i dont need in my backback. The message behind it all is a big and desperate sellout, buy or our monthley sell

Refurbushing Olympus

I have this really clean and sweet Olympus Om-1,thats been sitting on the shelf. I knew since i owned one a couple of years ago that hade the top prism destroyed, due to old sticky foam thats eaten through the coating on the prism. I

Soon we will be gone!

December 2015, don’t see this ol dude anymore in the city. Maybe he’s gone, the hard life on the streets takes it’s toll. If your’e old and got some sickness in the bagage, it wont take so much put you over the edge! Once up

Twenty fucking eighteen

Don’t really care about it, the rutines will be same anyway. Work for dimes and pennys, nothing new there! But 2018 will be an analog year for me, no more drooling over new digital camera models and megapixels. Hope i dont run out of film

All work and no play, makes……..

Soon a new year agian! And it’s raining all the fuckin time, work at holidays and odd hours. I think i have seen the sun once in this December month! Thank god for flashes and speedlights! Hopes to win an auction on black Nikon fm2n

Analog report

  It’s all true about analog photography,it makes things slower.Everything i read about the analog workflow can be confirmed! You dont click the shutter as much as on a digital camera, really don’t know if this is a pro or a hidden con. Makes me

Rules to be broken!

I dont get this phenomena, dont get it at all! More and more cameras are being made and sold. Every smartphone user are a photographer and bla,bla. But no one wants their picture taken,discussions about laws and order and etichs.But what a Fuck!! Its just a

The curse of blogging!

Sometimes blogging feels really hard and tedious, yeah it can be a curse to come up with something interesting to write about! Not to mention your photos, here you gott’a do reruns all the time. No way in hell you can produce photo material that