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Dude’s from Gothenburg!

This is more portrait oriented. Peolpe i have approched and talked to, before getting a photograph. But always with that in my mind, to get a photo in the end. Some needed a little persuasion before it could happend, others were happy to just do

Berlin 2019

Yeah i took a lot of rolls that week in Berlin. Eighteen to be more exact. Since i have a lot more rolls of c-41 from this spring and summer, it’s gonn’a take a while to develop, scan and edit! I’am on roll twentyeight out

Kodak Ektar!!

I’am not snobbish then it comes to film stocks. I rather see it cheap and lot of rolls to waste on the street. But this was a different kind of animal! First of all very smooth and crisp, yeah i know it’s a iso 100

Darkroom maneuvers!

No work days is often equal to doing prints in the dark. I slowley getting the hang of using these Ilford multigrade filters. As usual you get some excellent pro tips online. In the last photo you can see my print from a couple weeks

Olympus Mju V. (photos)

I never used or owned the Olympus mju II (holy grail). But for some reason i’am stumbling across a lot of other mju or Olympus compact models.This time i got the Olympus mju V really cheap from a close friend. To my suprise, this little

Time for color develeping!

Now it’s time for color developing. The Tetenal 2.5 liter kit is made for 35-40 rolls of film, so i should be in the ball park here. An amazing kit by the way, buy from them and support their analog photo chemistry! The film cans

Time flies!! (2012)

I messed with analog photography earlier. It was not on the street and being free flaoting like today. More like medium format and tripod! A stiffer and more controlled kind of photography, these negatives are from 2012. So you can say time flies! Then i

Darkroom prints

So it was time agian, trying to make some prints. The negative was on the brighter edge of the spectrum. This was a good lesson in how the low contrast filters work. I begun with filter 2.5, but i couldnt get any good results with

Printing contact sheets.

So the first session is done. I focused on doing a single print, and making a couple of contact sheets insted. I had five sheets of negatives that i havent inspected at all. So making some contact sheets felt like an awesome idea! It always

Time for darkroom printing !!

It’s time agian, the fall is here and darker evenings. So a bottle of beer and some hours in the dark is on the agenda. This time i ordered a big five liter paper developer. So i’am setting the bar high, and going for a