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The curse of blogging!

Sometimes blogging feels really hard and tedious, yeah it can be a curse to come up with something interesting to write about! Not to mention your photos, here you gott’a do reruns all the time. No way in hell you can produce photo material that

Summertime blues!

The ice cream days a over, for this season anyway. This is supposed to be our parade street in my hometown Gothenburg, feels empty and sad in my photo. Must have been struck by some summertime blues!  

Analog street setup!

This is my current setup for analog street work. The Nikon fm2n is a mechanical monster with a flash sync speed at 1/250 sec !! I got it from a friend in a mint condition, really cheap! The only downside are the ergonomics, it got

Winter time!

If you live in the nothern hemisphere ,and wants to contiune your photographic quest even if winter times prevails. What to do? Either stop taking pictures after two a clock in the afternoon or get your self a 0,95 f-stop lens and start walking down the

Mind messing!

The project about my home community Partille are slowley moving foward. I really have to force my self to get closer to people in my home turf! In the city its no fucking problems, you float foward really anonymous. The fear of getting grudes of

Years passing!

  Then the years flashes by with lightning speed, it’s nice to go back and look at your photos. Like these from twenty fifteen, feels like i happend yesterday but already two years has passed by ,dooh! Like these two characters on the streets of

Utan en mening!

Råkade överhöra två unga kvinnor som diskuterade om sina livsplaner härom morgonen. Visst var jag morgontrött,men det var som de pratade ett annat språk.Jag förstod orden i sig,men innehållet var bortom min fattningsförmåga på något konstigt sätt! Det var studier som skulle leda till samhällsbärande

Half and half !

  Yeah you sure call it something like what or if you wann’a be really corny “Best of both worlds”. Nothing new or revolutionary really, but it seems to work for me right now! So what is this nagging about? It’s about taking a photography with